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NDS Flash - Neo Nintendo DS Flash Super Card micro SD Adapter,

The Nintendo DS / NDS Lite / GBA Compatible G6 Lite is the flagship product from G6 Flash. It has internal memory and comes with 4G (1G = 1 Giga bit = 1024 bit ) memory card . The G6 Lite also has a built in PDA program with full english menus. G6Flash supports both Nintendo DS (nds roms) and GBA games (gba roms) but also includes emulators for playing FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, PCE, SEGA-MS & GG.

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R4i Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi compatible microSD adapters »

SuperPass 2 SE
SuperCard CF DS/GBA
SuperCard SD DS/GBA
DS Super Card miniSD
DS Super Card Lite microSD
EZ Pass 3 EZpass3
EZ4 EZ-Flash 4 miniSD
EZ4 EZFlash 4 Lite microSD
M3/G6 PassKey
M3 Perfect - CF Adapter
M3 Perfect - SD Slim
M3 Perfect - mini SD
GBA G6 Flash 1Gbit 2Gbit
GBA EFA Extreme Flash Advance
Extreme Flash Advance 2

EWIN 2 Multi Media Adaptor for NDS/NDSL miniSD
EWIN 2 Multi Media Adaptor for NDS/NDSL SD
EWIN2 Multi Media Adaptor for NDSL micro-SD ver.
Magic Key 3 2006 512M + 128MB SD
Max Media Launcher
NDS SuperPass Key
NEO Magic Key 4 Mini for NDS/NDSL
Neo Max 8G

NEO2 Lite 256M Flash Cart
NEO2 lite SPEC:
* Support NDS clean rom.
* Build in battery AD monitor
* 100% GBA hardware save
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 2M sram
* Build in 16M flash menu
* Build in 256M flash memory
* Support GBA / SP / GBM / NDS / NDS-Lite
* all platform and 100% don't stick out
* Come with the USB Slim Loader IV, and Drivers CD
* Come with one pcs MK4-mini, support all NDS console, plug-and-play
* Compatible with NEO2 MYTH serial --- NEO2 MD / SENS / N64 cart more NEO2-Lite

NEO2-lite retail case, it's changeable.
3 memory size you can use the extension case to change neo2-lite to the normal GBA cart size.
open the neo2-lite (tools free) install the extension case on it. the back view after use the extension case. now the neo2-lite have the same size with normal GBA cart. simple way to change the size for suit with different console. 100% flush with nds-lite neo2-lite can use on any GBA/SP/GBM/NDS too100% flush also what's come with the retail box:

* NEO2-Lite 256M flash cart x1 (black color)
* NEO2-Lite flash cart case x1 (white color)
* NEO2-Lite flash cart extension case x1 (black color)
* USB Slim Loader IV x1
* Driver CD x1

nds flash card linkerThe G6Flashunit has a built in media player for playing the following formats:

- Dolby AC3 audio frequency file (*.AC3)
- target's file of DVD video (*.VOB)
- MPEG-2 media file (*.M2V)
- Windows media file (*.AVI, *.ASF, *.WMA, *.WMV)
- VCD video file (*.DAT)
- QuickTime media file (*.MOV)
- MPEG-4 media file (*.AVI)
- DivX media file (*.AVI)
- wave form sound file of Microsoft (*.WAV)
- MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file (*.MP2)
- MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 file (*.MP3)
- Real media file (*.RA, *.RM, *.RAM, *.RMVB)
- MPEG-1 media file (*.Mpeg, *.Mpg)

The DS-X (DS-Xtreme) is a revolutionary DS rom storage cart, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original Nintendo DS consoles. DS-X is plug and play in its finest hour, an in-built mini-USB port on the DS-X paves the way for you to communicate easily between the DS-X OS and your computer. Drag n drop all your favourite media and homebrew as you please directly onto the included 4GBit (512-Mbyte) memory with minimal effort as the DS-X will be instantly recognized by your machine.

DSi R4 & EZ4 EZFlash Lite
(EZ5 DSi) good with both DS and GBA, DS patcher with high compatibility [edit]EZ-Flash IV Lite Sized to fit into the DS Lite slot while only sticking out 1 mm, uses micro SD cards.

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nds flash cards

half decent with DS and GBA, the NeoFlash card is almost identical to XG2, GST patcher with decent compatibility
G6 Flash Lite
card with built in flash memory. Good for GBA roms, patcher with very high compatibility for DS roms. Sized to sit flush in the DS Lite GBA slot. Built in flash memory.
SuperCard DS
Adapter for CF or SD cards. Good for DS, patcher with high compatibility, slowdowns with some GBA game roms, cheap
EFA2 Extreme Flash Advance 2 Good with GBA, EFAII has less GBA save compatibility at the hardware level than the first EFA, no specific DS patcher available, and the non-removable gba loader menu means that DS roms won't load without a clunky workaround that requires PC/USB access. No drivers needed for Mac/Linux but the bundled GBA ROM patcher is Windows only.